Top Legal Marketing Strategies in 2018

Every business requires a comprehensive marketing strategy to be able to gain new customers and increase return on investment (ROI), law firms are no different. Many law firms concentrate too much on their current services and don’t authentically connect with potential clients by utilizing good legal advertising.

The legal field is a very saturated and competitive market, it is more important now than ever for your law firm to stand out from the competition. Here are the best law firm marketing techniques that can help a law firm market their brand most efficiently and effectively:

1. Invest in content marketing and SEO professionals who specialize in law firm advertising.

Your law firm needs to be on page one of Google, or it may as well not be listed at all, 55% of all clicks go to one of the first three organic search results. One of the keys to building a successful website is having well-written content, Google favors well-written content in search page rankings. Content marketing and good SEO are vital if your law firm wants to gain new clients.

2. Your marketing budget should equal 3% – 5% of your turnover.

This figure does not include the wages of your employees, and anything less than 3% will yield no results, especially in the legal marketing industry. This money is allocated to creating effective branding which will get you new clients. Once you have adapted to this rule-of-thumb, you can track your marketing expenditure against different activities to establish which ones are more profitable.

3. Use multimedia such as videos and pictures to improve your online presence.

Having a video on your firm’s website landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Without video, you are missing out on the most effective and engaging marketing strategy. While assisting your law firm’s SEO and increasing your ranking on Google, videos can also convey your message more effectively, while making your firm look more professional. Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined!

Legal Digital Advertising involves a huge spectrum of constantly evolving platforms. In the next five years, it is predicted that digital will account for more than 75% of marketing budgets. Our team at TigerShark Studios are experts in social media management, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, content creation, blogging, and website management. It is vital that your firm has a strong online presence.

Among the various clients we have worked with, our strategy has proven successful and increased our client’s intakes significantly. Call our team at TigerShark Studios today and see how we can increase your intakes as well! 877-844-3557.