3 Tips On Law Firm Automation

3 Tips On Law Firm Automation With 2019 around the corner, law firm automation processes should be studied, reviewed and analyzed for possible efficiency.  Using technology to help you maximize productivity is what most law firms are looking into as caseloads become heavier and heavier.  Automation can help your practice with the initial intake, document … Continue reading “3 Tips On Law Firm Automation”

Website Redesign & Development

WEBSITE REDESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Today’s Internet user has infinite options about where to commit their attention. Having a stunning, easy to navigate website, is the only way to compete in today’s crowded and competitive digital landscape. 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive. It is crucial to create … Continue reading “Website Redesign & Development”

New Media Director – Jim Watson

New Team Member Opens the Door to Create Custom Media Strategies Tucson, Arizona: James “Jim” Watson is a passionate and self-motivated manager that is ready to tackle the rigorous world of media negotiations. He has joined the dynamic TigerShark Studios team, a subsidiary of Amped Media and Marketing, with the expressed purpose of getting the best … Continue reading “New Media Director – Jim Watson”