New Media Director – Jim Watson

New Team Member Opens the Door to Create Custom Media Strategies

Tucson, Arizona: James “Jim” Watson is a passionate and self-motivated manager that is ready to tackle the rigorous world of media negotiations. He has joined the dynamic TigerShark Studios team, a subsidiary of Amped Media and Marketing, with the expressed purpose of getting the best placements for his clients’ schedules.

With an extensive background in buying media across the country, Jim is already positioning his negotiations to dominate the personal injury market for TigerShark Studio’s law firms. “I’m not a difficult person, but I’m going to demand the tools and treatment that I need to get my job done. I want to see our clients’ getting results,” Jim said.

In addition to being an energetic and determined professional, Jim is a dedicated family man with a wife and two children currently attending college. He enjoys hiking and has backpacked the Grand Canyon a total of six times.

“I’m always looking to meet challenges and find creative ways of solving them so everyone benefits,” Jim said describing both his personal and professional life.

TigerShark Studios is a full media production house that features the celebrity endorsement of Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell as a spokesman for personal injury law firms. Call Tigershark Studios at (877) 844-3557 for more details.