Top 3 Tips in Content Marketing for Lawyers

A potential client’s journey begins with content marketing, or lack of.  About 86 percent of potential clients conduct non-branded search queries, as per research by GroupM. Imagine if your law firm came up very high on the first page of an organic search on Google or Bing? The number of intakes would climb significantly, due to the fact that you’re in front of your demographic.

Additionally, accident victims read before they select. The average person consumes 11.4 pieces of content before making a decision based on a product or service, according to Forrester. Content marketing is a proven strategy for acquiring new leads. But not enough lawyers are taking advantage of this marketing technique to generate interest in their legal services.

Tip #1: Understanding how broad marketing is

“Content isn’t limited to the text on our Web pages or product pages or blogs or e-mail newsletters. It’s broader than the things we think of as marketing. Content is essentially everything your customer or prospect touches or interacts with—including your own online properties and Web pages and the experiences they offer, but also everything on any social channel (like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and so on).” – Ann Handley, Marketing Executive, and published author.

A good content marketing strategy must be formulated to create an effective course of action. Thus increasing the profile of your law firm and generating new leads on a regular basis.

Tip #2: Understanding the importance of blogging

Posting a handful of blogs now and then will not receive much traction. You must post relevant, valuable content on a regular basis so your clients know when to expect new releases of information on your website. Distribution channels of your content should include email newsletters, social media channels, and even guest-posting on relevant websites.

Tip #3: Blogging is a long-term goal

Posting well-curated blogs and social media posts build your law firm’s online presence and credibility. It will also aid in your search engine optimization (SEO). By posting constant, relevant content on your website, you can begin to see an improvement in your search engine ranking score. This makes it easier for potential clients to find you.

Blogging establishes you as an expert to your clients and potential clients. A blog gives you the opportunity to connect with prospective clients on a different, more personable level. Law firms that have blogs are more likely to appear knowledgeable than those that don’t. Clients want to entrust their case and money to the attorney with the most experience and knowledge.

Content marketing is a complex multi-level strategy which is very time consuming to create and stay on top of. It is likely your competition already makes use of a content strategy to fight for new clients. In today’s online environment, not having a comprehensive content marketing strategy tilts the odds in the favor of your competition. Especially if your SEO is suffering and you have no active PPC campaign.

To find out how we can build your law firm a content marketing strategy, call our team at TigerShark Studios today. Our strategy has proven successful and increased client’s intakes significantly.

Top Legal Marketing Strategies in 2018

Every business requires a comprehensive marketing strategy to be able to gain new customers and increase return on investment (ROI), law firms are no different. Many law firms concentrate too much on their current services and don’t authentically connect with potential clients by utilizing good legal advertising.

The legal field is a very saturated and competitive market, it is more important now than ever for your law firm to stand out from the competition. Here are the best law firm marketing techniques that can help a law firm market their brand most efficiently and effectively:

1. Invest in content marketing and SEO professionals who specialize in law firm advertising.

Your law firm needs to be on page one of Google, or it may as well not be listed at all, 55% of all clicks go to one of the first three organic search results. One of the keys to building a successful website is having well-written content, Google favors well-written content in search page rankings. Content marketing and good SEO are vital if your law firm wants to gain new clients.

2. Your marketing budget should equal 3% – 5% of your turnover.

This figure does not include the wages of your employees, and anything less than 3% will yield no results, especially in the legal marketing industry. This money is allocated to creating effective branding which will get you new clients. Once you have adapted to this rule-of-thumb, you can track your marketing expenditure against different activities to establish which ones are more profitable.

3. Use multimedia such as videos and pictures to improve your online presence.

Having a video on your firm’s website landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Without video, you are missing out on the most effective and engaging marketing strategy. While assisting your law firm’s SEO and increasing your ranking on Google, videos can also convey your message more effectively, while making your firm look more professional. Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined!

Legal Digital Advertising involves a huge spectrum of constantly evolving platforms. In the next five years, it is predicted that digital will account for more than 75% of marketing budgets. Our team at TigerShark Studios are experts in social media management, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, content creation, blogging, and website management. It is vital that your firm has a strong online presence.

Among the various clients we have worked with, our strategy has proven successful and increased our client’s intakes significantly. Call our team at TigerShark Studios today and see how we can increase your intakes as well! 877-844-3557.

New Media Director – Jim Watson

New Team Member Opens the Door to Create Custom Media Strategies

Tucson, Arizona: James “Jim” Watson is a passionate and self-motivated manager that is ready to tackle the rigorous world of media negotiations. He has joined the dynamic TigerShark Studios team, a subsidiary of Amped Media and Marketing, with the expressed purpose of getting the best placements for his clients’ schedules.

With an extensive background in buying media across the country, Jim is already positioning his negotiations to dominate the personal injury market for TigerShark Studio’s law firms. “I’m not a difficult person, but I’m going to demand the tools and treatment that I need to get my job done. I want to see our clients’ getting results,” Jim said.

In addition to being an energetic and determined professional, Jim is a dedicated family man with a wife and two children currently attending college. He enjoys hiking and has backpacked the Grand Canyon a total of six times.

“I’m always looking to meet challenges and find creative ways of solving them so everyone benefits,” Jim said describing both his personal and professional life.

TigerShark Studios is a full media production house that features the celebrity endorsement of Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell as a spokesman for personal injury law firms. Call Tigershark Studios at (877) 844-3557 for more details.

Designated Market Area Research: Marketing Key

A Designated Market Area (DMA) is a regional population that has been grouped together to receive a similar media diet. Understanding how your marketing strategy is received in your DMA is crucial in dominating your market. Look at various DMA research and statistics to understand how to better reach your clients.

DMA Research



El Paso


Los Angeles


Just the Facts Please: Celebrity Endorsement Research

There have been numerous studies conducted into how celebrity endorsements influence consumers. Here is a compilation of some of the most prominent research papers and articles in this field.

The Economic Value of Celebrity Endorsements


This study showed that approximately 20% of all advertising features a celebrity, that celebrity endorsements increase trust, and that brands can experience a 20-40% increase by using a celebrity endorsement. Conducted by Anita Elberse, Harvard Business School, this is one of the most cited studies regarding celebrity endorsements.

In this study of athlete endorsements, we find there is a positive pay-off to a firm’s decision to sign an endorser, and that endorsements are associated with increasing sales in an absolute sense and relative to competing brands, Elberse wrote.

The Economic Worth of Celebrity Endorsers: An Event Study Analysis


After analyzing 110 celebrity endorsement contracts, the authors of this paper found that the impact of just the announcement of a celebrity endorsement has a positive correlation with stock prices. Despite the high cost, the mainstream use of celebrity endorsers suggests that marketing managers think it is a worthwhile marketing strategy.  The researchers concluded that using a celebrity endorser is a worthwhile investment.


The Effects of Celebrity Endorsement in Advertisements


This study addresses the advantages of using celebrity endorsement in advertising.

  1. Establishment of credibility – approval of a brand by a star fosters a sense of trust for the brand among the target audience especially in the case of new products.
  2. Ensured attention – celebrities ensure the attention of the target group by breaking the clutter of advertisements and making the advertisement and the brand noticeable.
  3. Higher degrees of recall – people tend to commensurate the personalities of the celebrity with the brand thereby increasing the recall value of the product.
  4. Associative benefit – a celebrity’s preference for a brand gives out a persuasive message. Because the celebrity is benefiting from the brand the consumer will also benefit thus this perception increases the sales or consumer’s attachment to the product.
  5. Psychographic connect – celebrities are loved and adored by their fans and advertisers use stars to capitalize on these feelings to sway the fans towards their brands.

You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish


This article summarizes a 2015 study conducted by Microsoft. When people are in an unfocused state, their attention span is approximately 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. Consumers attention spans’ have been on the declined. In 2000, the average attention span was 12 seconds.

The Influences of Perceived Value on Consumer Purchase Intention: The Moderating Effect of Advertising Endorser


An advertising endorser can connect product value by deepening consumers’ impression and transfer their feelings on a product/service.

When people shop, they typically compare brands. This study found that when a celebrity endorser represents a brand, customers have a high-level of satisfaction and confidence in the product or service. The celebrity endorser also was found to help to bolster the perceived value of the product.  The last finding that this study surmised was that a celebrity endorser helps to cut through the competitive noise.  If a product or service is associated with a well-known figure, this helps the product stand above the rest of the competition in customer retention.

Athletic Endorsements and Their Effect on Consumers’ Attitudes and Consumption


Researcher and professor Karla McCormick, Florida State, thinks that athletic celebrity endorsements give a company an edge in the advertising marketplace and also contributes to an increase in profits.

If used appropriately, athletic endorsers in advertising can serve a valuable role in enhancing a firm’s competitive position by not only contributing to building a favorable brand image but also by having a direct economic influence on the firm, McCormick wrote.


The Lure of Celebrity Endorsements


This article quotes a study conducted by a team of Dutch researchers headed by Mirre Stallen that proved that celebrity endorsements increased product sales. The Dutch study also outlined the psychological reasons why celebrity endorsements work.

Marketing Maria: Managing the Athlete Endorsement


This article, published by the Harvard Business School, talks about athletic endorsements and how important it is that the athlete has a logical connection to the brand. The athlete endorser has to match the attributes the company hopes to associate with.

Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Buying Behavior


This study shows that consumers show greater recall for products that have been endorsed by celebrities. This study also states that approximately 19% of all national advertising features a celebrity.

New Research Sheds Light on Daily Ad Exposures


The Yankelovich study, summarized by this article, shows how many advertising messages a person sees per day and how many of those ads have an impact on the conscious and subconscious mind.

Does Celebrity Advertising Work?

It’s Easy For Your Message To Get Lost In The Crowd

People today have an attention span of 8 seconds. That is shorter than a goldfish’s, which is 9 seconds. Consumers are exposed to over 5,000 advertisements per day. Of those, only 153 are processed by the subconscious and only 86 make it to the conscious mind. Of those, only 12 will make an impression. That means less than 1% of your ads will have an impact on your potential client. If you could improve this percentage, would you be interested?

Why are Companies Paying Celebrities Billions?

Approximately 19% of all national advertisements feature a celebrity. Celebrities are being paid billions of dollars each year to endorse products and services. The reason for this is because celebrity endorsements work and increase annual revenue. The Science Behind It

The Science Behind It

The reason why celebrity advertising works is based on a basic principle; people like what’s familiar.

When someone sees a celebrity, the portion of the brain called the fusiform gyrus becomes active and the brain must analyze why that person is familiar. The brain does this by doing a comparison with the images stored in the long-term memory. This means that if someone sees your commercial with a celebrity spokesperson, different areas of the brain are engaged. This dramatically helps improve retention of the ad and bypasses the subconscious mind. This is one of the reasons that celebrity endorsements are so powerful.

Will Any Celebrity Do?

Having any celebrity or recognizable figure in your advertisements will be more memorable for the consumer. However, this does not mean that any celebrity will help increase your business. In order for a celebrity to be effective, there must be a logical connection to your brand.

What is Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell’s connection to attorneys? When a potential client is looking to hire an attorney, they want someone who is going to fight for them. Who personifies that better than an MMA legend? In fact, Chuck Liddell is one of the most popular and recognizable MMA fighters of all time. Your democratic knows who he is and by partnering with Chuck Liddell your intakes will increase by 20-40%.

Should Attorneys Be Their Own Spokesperson?

A study was conducted by Princeton University that cemented the fact that people do not trust lawyers. This is supported by multiple online studies/surveys. In fact, 81% of the people polled considered attorneys untrustworthy. However, many attorneys have been in their commercial for years and have become their firms’ brand. In this situation, a celebrity endorsement can help increase trust. It has a similar effect as a word-of-mouth referral.

Dollars And Cents

Research clearly demonstrates that a celebrity endorsement can increase your business by 20-40%. At TigerShark Studios, we have seen firsthand what a celebrity endorsement can do for a firm.  In some cases, we have even seen better results than what the research indicates.