Top 4 Reasons to Use a Celebrity Endorsement

Many companies are looking at different strategies for 2019, having a celebrity endorsement can increase awareness. Anyone who watches a screen of some sort has seen a celebrity endorsing some product or service. Celebrity endorsements are everywhere and businesses big and small capitalize daily on the benefits of a famous person being associated with their company. They are efficient and have been proven to increase sales 20-40% by Harvard

Legal marketing has slowly been evolving yet for decades, celebrities of all sorts have been signing deals to sponsor products. From sports legends to movie actors to talk show hosts to social media stars, it seems like everyone who is famous to some degree is a spokesperson for a product or service, and it truly does work for a variety of reasons. 

Here are the top 4 reasons why a celebrity endorsement would increase intakes;

#1: A celebrity makes a law firm legit

Legal practices often have a hard time entering crowded markets because they lack rapport with their consumer base. They are seen as less legitimate because of their longevity, and it is hard to inspire new business. However, if a well-known celebrity were to attach themselves to this law firm and promotes it, that suggests to the masses that this new practice is credible. People believe that a popular celebrity would only do an advertisement for a law firm that is on the rise and has staying power, so when they see a celebrity endorsement they are more likely to put their faith in that company and become a customer.

#2: Picking the right celebrity aligns two brands

Every celebrity has things people relate to them. If they were asked what they think of when they hear Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell, they would likely say professional fighting and action films. Companies can use a celebrity’s brand and related fields like this to find the perfect person to align themselves with. A fashion store chain probably wouldn’t go to Chuck Liddell to promote their product. They logically would to go with someone much more appropriate like Beyonce. By aligning the right celebrity with the right product or service, a company can benefit greatly.

#3: Celebrities can introduce new demographics to your Law Firm

Every legal practice should have a specific demographic target in mind when advertising to the public. Finding a celebrity endorsement that can expand upon that can be extremely helpful to growing a brand. By using the right celebrity that has mainstream appeal, you can reach your target demographics. When there are aspects, such as Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz III, this can easily expand the reach of a company. By tapping into interested consumers that might not be in the target audience.

#4: Easy to remember

Great advertisements as a result are inherently memorable. The formula for making a standout advertisement has never been clear-cut. One thing that always helps make a commercial memorable is having a memorable person in it. Even if someone isn’t an avid fan of sports, they know who Chuck Liddell is. The same goes for the leaders in fashion, music, film, television, and social media. Using that instant recognition, viewers will typically have more of an emotional response to an advertisement than if it were an unknown person. 

For that reason, celebrity endorsements are clearly a beneficial tool for businesses of all scopes and sizes, from beauty entrepreneurs to law firms and everything in between. If your law firm wants to increase intakes and find new clients through the use of celebrity endorsements, contact us. We are a full-service marketing agency with extensive experience in celebrity endorsements. Above all, we will make sure your firm finds the perfect celebrity to partner with.

PPC Strategy: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Campaign

As 2019 rolls around the corner, keeping up with digital strategies should be a high priority if you’re advertising online.  Pay Per Click (PPC), also commonly referred to as cost-per-click (CPC), is a digital marketing strategy that increases traffic to a company’s website. In PPC strategy, an advertiser pays a search engine a certain fee every time a consumer clicks on their advertisement. These spots are bid upon and companies receive better placement based on the amount of money they spend.

No matter the firm, a PPC strategy is essential to make a company stand out amongst millions of results. Here are three surefire ways to enhance a company’s PPC strategy at any level:


Create 3+ Advertisements per Group

Every great advertising campaign begins in a sea of different ideas, slogans, logos, and messages. It takes time to find what a company believes to be their best advertising strategy. Putting out just one advertisement with the same message, graphics, and photos can work for some if it is that one-in-a-million idea. However, companies often benefit from creating and implementing three or more advertisements in each campaign.

By making multiple advertisements catering to different sections of a company’s demographic, the internal PPC systems can optimize their advertisement generation and put the appropriate advertisement in front of the right customer. This approach also provides a company with valuable performance data. They can determine which advertisements and messages resonate most with target demographics.


Include Extensions

Extensions on PPC listings are things like extra links, call buttons or other pertinent information that is meant to catch the eye of the consumer and get them to click on an extension rather than another company’s listing. These extensions are the key to catching people’s eyes as they provide more information and make a company seem more extensive and credible than competition listed in a traditional way. Almost every company could benefit from adding multiple types of these extensions, especially site link extensions, callouts, and structured snippets.

Sitelink extensions direct browsers to specific pages within a website, providing them a quick and easy way to find pertinent information like business hours, product descriptions, or an about page. Callouts provide more space to add text describing your business. This gives a customer more information about the company and inclines them to click. Structured snippets highlight specific relevant keywords used in a website and list them directly under the website header, enticing them to click and learn more if their specific need or want is listed in these highlighted words.


Review Your PPC Strategy and Adapt

No matter how successful a PPC strategy is, the internet is an unpredictable place and things change quickly. One week, a company’s PPC may garner thousands of clicks to their website a day. The very next week, however, the phones could be completely silent. That’s why it is crucial to reassess PPC strategies routinely to determine what is working and what needs changing. Once a problem is found, it can be fixed, rather than continuing to pay for something that isn’t getting results. This takes time, money, and resources that many firms simply cannot allocate to such a project. This is why it is helpful to find an outside company to handle PPC strategy and adaption.

In conclusion, PPC development and management is a crucial and beneficial part of every company’s marketing strategy. However, it is a strenuous process for someone unfamiliar with the in the ins-and-outs of PPC. The time, effort, and resources allocated to such an undertaking for a business owner could begin to outweigh the benefits.

Luckily, there are companies like TigerShark Studios who specialize in PPC marketing. We can handle all aspects of an advertising campaigns. Contact our experts today so we can help strengthen your business through a fantastic PPC strategy.


3 Tips On Law Firm Automation

3 Tips On Law Firm Automation

With 2019 around the corner, law firm automation processes should be studied, reviewed and analyzed for possible efficiency.  Using technology to help you maximize productivity is what most law firms are looking into as caseloads become heavier and heavier.  Automation can help your practice with the initial intake, document generation, department communications and so much more. Improving your office, while reducing errors, will ultimately help your law firm generate and manage more business.

Without law firm automation, your business consists of repetitive, tedious tasks that can take its toll throughout the workday. Most aspects of your business can be automated, whether you’re a solo practitioner, smaller law firm or multi-attorney practice.  In today’s age, attorneys are required to use law firm automation to stay profitable and, more importantly, survive.

Here are three tips on the areas where law firm automation can help:

1) Automate client documents / agreements / billing / file management

  • Drafting documents and building out a document database for your law practice is a necessity, especially for documents your office uses repeatedly.  From intake forms to contracts, letters to counsel and much more, turning these into preset forms can be very efficient, but keep in mind preserving client confidentiality. Creating and updating a form library will pay off short term and long term when it comes to productivity.

2) Automate how your firm handles intakes and workflows

  • Every case will have a long list of tasks and relevant deadlines, and while each case has its own set of facts, most cases have the same requirements.  From setting up the intake to the client filling out a questionnaire, filling out a fee agreement and setting up a case timeline, automating these workflows will help improve efficiency.
  • Utilizing self-scheduling software within your website that actively communicates with your staff in the office is crucial. When this is done well, you can expect top level performance.

3) Automate interior and external communications between clients and staff

  • The most known complaint in the legal industry is poor client communications.  Phone calls and emails can be very time consuming yet are very important to your firm.  There should never be a gap in communication that lasts for over 4-6 weeks. Clients want to know what is going on and what the process looks like. Utilize reminders on your calendar to schedule follow-up events.  You can also look at client portals to automate case activities and updates.
  • As a professional, you should never have to write the same text over and over again.  Having email templates ready to use is a great way to save time. You should have multiple email responses preset to be ready to fire off, with little to no customization required.
  • Utilizing a call answering service can help the single practitioner in different ways than it could help a larger firm.  Look at different services and make sure the investment aligns with the potential use.   

When running a law practice, marketing is usually not your specialty nor your first priority. Improving your efficiency throughout the office and fighting for your clients are usually the top priorities as a managing attorney. 

Look to the team here at TigerShark Studios as a way to automate some or all of your marketing.  From branding to web design, we can help figure out how to maximize your investment in marketing and produce high-quality digital and print content for your firm.  Above all, we can help you stand out from your competition by crafting stunning marketing campaigns that focus on your target demographics and modern media circuits. Contact us today at 877.844.3557 for a free consultation on how marketing automation can help your law firm.

Top 3 Reasons To Hire An Ad Agency


In today’s marketing landscape, to be successful, working with an ad agency is what you need to stay ahead of your competition. You may have wondered previously whether hiring an advertising agency is the best decision for your law firm. Every attorney needs some form of marketing strategy, whether it is a small firm with 1-2 lawyers or a large multi-state organization with hundreds of attorneys. The aim of a marketing strategy is to bring in customers and money bottom line. An ad agency is the best way to achieve this.

TigerShark Studios has an in-house production team, but we have also partnered with production companies in New York and Los Angeles. The goal is to offer your firm cinematic, award-winning commercials at an affordable price. By pooling resources with firms across the country, you are able to take your marketing and advertising to the next level

Here are the top 3 reasons why hiring TigerShark Studios will benefit you:


First of all, having an in-house marketing team, consisting of just four to six highly skilled professionals can cost your organization on average, around $250,000.  When you put into place the recruitment costs, salaries, benefits, and bonuses, it can get extremely expensive to have a team under your payroll. You will have to invest in constantly changing marketing software plus keeping your staff trained on up to date technology within their own division. It is drastically more efficient and affordable to work with an established, credible ad agency. Their sole focus is marketing your law firm.


Furthermore, it takes a lot of time and money to put together a fully functioning marketing team, as they all must have different skill sets. This makes it incredibly advantageous to hire an agency, each has specific knowledge in a wide range of areas. From conceptual planning to content & design creation, web development, SEO/PPC, social media, video/photography. Many times, leaders or managers are following the same ideas and perspectives for years. Working with an ad agency can help identify unseen problems and areas of growth. With the ever-changing marketing landscape, it is vital to have professionals in different areas. Above all, individuals who are all dedicated to bringing your vision forward.


Very important if you are a smaller law firm, as a smaller staff is usually handling high priorities within business operations. Therefore, the benefit of working with an ad agency is that they only do marketing. Their only focus is their clients’ marketing needs and how to increase sales. The goal of any organization is to increase engagement and grow sales, an ad agency will help push forward marketing initiatives.

Being the best at anything takes time and experience. For over eight years, TigerShark Studios has specialized in attorney advertising. When you combine this experience with the celebrity endorsement of Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell, the results are powerful. As a result, our average client experiences a 20-40% increase in intakes within the first 6 months. Can you afford not to partner with TigerShark Studios?

Advertising is constantly evolving. Has your firm kept up? TigerShark Studios is a full-service agency and has experts in traditional and digital advertising. Even more, we can provide your firm with new ideas and a fresh perspective. Finally, our highly-energized team of industry specialists is ready to grow your law firm, for the long haul. Call us today and learn how we can help take your law firm to the next level.

Website Redesign & Development


Today’s Internet user has infinite options about where to commit their attention. Having a stunning, easy to navigate website, is the only way to compete in today’s crowded and competitive digital landscape. 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.

It is crucial to create a trustworthy site where potential customers can learn about you. It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave. 94% of people associate a poor interface design with rapid rejection and mistrust of a website. When potential consumers do not like certain aspects of the design, the whole website is often not explored. Visual is key!

Tigershark Studios provides custom and creative website designs, brands, and identities that stand out from the rest of your competitors. We provide more than just a lavish front-end design. Our team builds everything with an intuitive architecture that guides the user through the navigation of the site. We create one of a kind designs for all of our clients, we don’t use website templates or cookie cutter designs. 

Your website is the best way to tell the world about your law firm. This is the opportunity to explain why you deserve their confidence and trust. 86% of visitors want to see information about that company’s services. Internet users expect business to have a sleek online presence, they use the internet to research before using a service. As a result, the Tigershark Studios design and development teams are experts in creating and enhancing websites designed to showcase your firm while helping to maximize your return on investment. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your website redesign.

Digital Advertising is the Future

Digital Advertising is the Future and the Future is Now:

Did you know: The Average Adult Spends More than 20 Hours a Week Online!

Digital advertising involves a huge spectrum of constantly evolving platforms. In the next five years, it is predicted that digital will account for more than 75% of marketing budgets. Our team at Tigershark Studios are experts in social media, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, strategy, content creation, blogging, and website management. It’s vital to your firm that it have a strong online presence to be able to actively compete in the market space.

How to be found online:

Improving SEO is a process that requires proven strategies (since the SEO landscape is constantly changing). The most challenging obstacle to search engine optimization success is changing search algorithms. Simply redesigning the web pages and reworking some content does not guarantee results. Having a strong SEO presence will help you be more competitive against opposing law firms. Tigershark is currently managing countless of law firm accounts when it comes to SEO, let us help you.

Geo Targeting 

Digital targeting works by focusing an ad campaign by location, viewing habits, interests, age, gender, etc. Geo-Targeting focuses on potential customers that live or work near your law firm; maximizing your advertising dollars. In the digital realm, there are a number of format options for digital advertising.

The idea behind Geo-Targeting is to understand potential clients in real time or past location because this helps us achieve the exact message at the right time. For example, we would know if the potential client is looking around for a law firm to represent them. In addition, we can even target the exact services they are looking for. Thus, getting the right ad in front of them is key; that’s where we come in. We have experts ready to create powerful ads that will get in front of the right potential clients. 

Google Ad words 

AdWords is a service run by Google where businesses pay to display (Pay Per-Click) advertising copy in the search engine results. Like the organic search results, the service is keyword driven, that is businesses select and bid on relevant keywords (words and phrases users type into search engines) within their budget in order to attract people to their sites. Our agency will establish an account, then monitor its performance, optimizing the strategy for maximum results.

Digital advertising has to be a primary focus in today’s modern world. Keeping up with this trend is vital, so hiring a team to handle everything digital for your firm has never been more important. We will make sure your law firm is up to date with digital marketing campaigns. Allowing you to focus on fighting for clients to get them what they deserve. 

The team here at TigerShark Studios is ready to help you build your strategy and take your law firm’s digital game to the next level