The secret to native advertising effectiveness is that it blurs the line between ads and text, subtly interweaving promotions into the website's content. Native advertising is usually delivered in-stream to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. The average browser of one of these sites will have difficulty distinguishing user posts from the advertisement. Some other advantages include: targeting to specific audiences, increase brand awareness by 82% and boosting conversion rates by 60%. Tigershark Studios can additionally establish and manage an AdWords campaign for a client. AdWords is a service run by Google where users pay to display PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising copy in the search engine results. Like the organic search results, the service is keyword driven; that is users select and bid on relevant keywords (words and phrases users type into search engines) within their budget in order to attract people to their sites. Our agency will establish an account, then monitor its performance, optimizing the strategy for maximum results.